Green certifications for your property

Planning to build your dream home soon? You might want to take the opportunity to give it a green certification. Not only is it good for the planet, but it also guarantees you a superior quality of construction. On the occasion of Earth Day, which will take place this Saturday, April 22, read in this newsletter some of the different ecological certifications for single-family homes in Quebec. Enjoy your reading!

The Novoclimat program is administered by the Government of Quebec and encourages the construction of new homes with high energy performance. It is estimated that a new Novoclimat home allows its occupants to save 20% on energy costs compared to a home built according to the Quebec Construction Code. This difference has a considerable impact on energy bills, as well as on the environment. In addition, it offers greater comfort to occupants and greatly improves the quality of the indoor air in the home.

To obtain Novoclimat certification, the home must be new and built by a contractor who holds this certification. An inspection by an independent consultant evaluator is then required before government certification can be granted.

Novoclimat certification is often considered in conjunction with LEED certification, since it allows the most complex criterion of the latter to be met: energy efficiency. Most LEED projects are therefore also Novoclimat certified.

Managed by the Canada Green Building Council, LEED is one of the most widely used green building rating systems in the world. Its goal is to design homes that achieve high performance for the environment and human health. The savings are considerable; greater sustainability, energy savings ranging from 30% to 70%, water consumption up to half and much more.

Why buy a certified green property?
Investing in a certified home ensures significant energy savings, sustainable construction, improved quality of life and higher resale value.
Ready to get started with energy efficient housing? See one of our Novoclimat certified properties right here.

Source: Government of Quebec & Écohabitation


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